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SG500-52 LAG over stacking switches

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I have a question regarding SG500-52, I am upgrading our infrastructure and I plan to install 2 * SG500-52 as a backbone and connect them together over 5G stacking cable, I want to configure LAG over these 2 switches so that LAG 1 will have ports GB 1 & 2 from sw1 and GB 1 & 2 from sw2, LAG 2 will have GB 3 & 4 from sw1 and GB 3 & 4 from sw 2 these 2 LAGs will be connected to our edge switches so each edge will be connected to core using 4 cables each 2 connected to one of the backbone switch.

Is this configuration bossible or not or I have to use catalyst switches.

also I need to know the max possible LAGs on SG500-52 since I have some documents says 8 LAGs and some documents says 32 LAGs

Best Regards

Hatem Kotb

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The Admin-guide states that 32 LAGs are supported. But as usual, each LAG can only have eight members.

For the channeling over stack-members: I never used it on the 500, but that was already supported on the older stacking-switches. And as they talk heavily about "true stacking", I would assume that the 500 is also capable of that.

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Actually I have an old PDF of sg500 says 8 LAGs each 8 ports, but the new PDF I download today says 32 LAGs each 8 ports thats whay I get confused.

regarding channeling over stack members i need to be shure from some one try it since I will use it to make some redundancy againest core failer


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