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Site To Site VPN Problems

We currently have a site to site VPN setup (using OpenVPN) and we are currently able to ping through the site to site but only our 3 servers on our network are able to RDP through it. We are pretty sure the issue is with our SG200 switch because when we tried plugging a workstation directly into our firewall (bypassing the switch) and it was able to RDP through the VPN with out any issues. Has anyone else had this type of issue? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the issue? We have looked through the Switch and Firewall logs and we aren't seeing any issues. 

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Re: Site To Site VPN Problems

Not familiar with SG-200 series switches but make sure the switch does not have any ACL blocking RDP protocol.


Re: Site To Site VPN Problems

Hi @WillStrain1315,

- Is your SG200 acting just as a Layer 2 Switch to extend the VLAN or you are using it as Layer 3 Switch and Default Gateway for your VLANs?

- Is the IP addressing changing when you connect your Workstation to your Firewall? or the IP addressing is exactly the same?

Wondering if this a Routing issue ... The Switch shouldn't be blocking traffic by default, specially if it is being used as Layer 2 only.


Re: Site To Site VPN Problems

It is a layer 2 switch. While it has 2 VLANs on it the communications between the VLANs and between the VLANs and the internet are handled by the firewall. 


Since DHCP is managed by the firewall it should be keeping the same IP address, but I can double check.

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