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Stack & Driver & Socket & Loopback


Recently, I heard those words several times(UDP Socket, IP Stack, IP/UDP Driver), but I don't really know what they mean. If you know these three terminologies, could you please explain to me as easily as possible?

I know that == Loopback Address == Local Host. My understanding is that pining the loopback interface is to verity that TCP/IP software is installed, started, and working properly. Also, by pinging, I can perform the test without being connected to a physical line or network. But it seems like there are definitely more usages. Please let me know if you know when to use it other than cases I mentioned.

Lastly, is it true that in order to communicate between a sofrware and a PC, they use the loopback address? Why softwares just use my private ip address to communicate with my PC? What are the differences between my private ip address and loopback address?     


Joseph W. Doherty
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