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Testing IPV6 routing - can't ping global address


Hi. I'm testing ipv6 routing on a 3750. I have two vlans set with a global /eui address but cannot ping a windows client attached to one of the vlans either from the router itself or another machine on the same vlan using the global address. I CAN ping no problem using the link-local.

Here is snippets of my config:


ipv6 unicast-routing


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/15

switchport access vlan 18

switchport mode access


interface Vlan18

ip address

ipv6 address 2001:DB9:C18:1::/64 eui-64


ipv6 route ::/0 Port-channel1


I do not have an uplink to anywhere.. i put the default ipv6 route thinking this was the problem but that had no effect. Channel-group 1 is applied to 2 ports that will eventually be the uplink, but they are currently not connected.

My windows client DOES get a global address - although it is currently duplicate. When it was preferred, it still didn't work, so I don't think this is related.

w32 [C:\WINDOWS] ipv6 if 8

Interface 8: Ethernet: Local Area Connection

Guid {29F110EC-0231-42B5-93C1-A02490772267}

zones: link 8 admin 5 site 2

uses Neighbor Discovery

uses Router Discovery

link-layer address: 00-1a-6b-67-82-df

duplicate global 2001:db9:c18:1:21a:6bff:fe67:82df, life 29d23h57m51s/6d23h57m51s (public)

preferred link-local fe80::21a:6bff:fe67:82df, life infinite

multicast interface-local ff01::1, 1 refs, not reportable

multicast link-local ff02::1, 1 refs, not reportable

multicast link-local ff02::1:ff67:82df, 2 refs

link MTU 1500 (true link MTU 1500)

current hop limit 64

reachable time 17500ms (base 30000ms)

retransmission interval 1000ms

DAD transmits 1

default site prefix length 48

I'm unable to ping the global address from the router or another client on the same vlan. My goal is to be able to ping the global from another vlan, to prove that routing is working. Maybe this is a windows problem? Both clients are Win XP.

Maybe this is a problem with the windows client route table?

w32 [C:\WINDOWS] netsh interface ipv6 show route

Querying active state...

Publish Type Met Prefix Idx Gateway/Interface Name

------- -------- ---- ------------------------ --- ---------------------

no Autoconf 8 2001:db9:c18:1::/64 9 Local Area Connection

no Autoconf 256 ::/0 9 fe80::216:46ff:fefa:6c43

yes Manual 1001 2002::/16 3 6to4 Tunneling Pseudo-Interface

Thanks for any help!

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Frequent Contributor

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