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What is LAN extension Method?


                   What is LAN extension Method? As service provider telling they will connect remote place through LAN extension ? Is there any configuration required in our switch or router? Pls explain


Andrew Cink

Most likely they mean they will give you a point to point, layer 2 connection. So for example, if you have on your current site, they will give you a layer 2 link to your remote site, and your remote site will be on the same block.

So if your switch at HQ is, you could plug the carrier's "router" device into your switch there. You could put a switch at the remote site, hook it to the other "router" from your provider, set it up as, and ping because they will be on the same subnet. Devices on both the HQ site and remote site could use the same default gateway to get to the internet.

So essentially, both of your sites will be on the same exact network. A straight layer 2 connection between the two sites.

Hope this helps...


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