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Document's in PDF Format not available sometimes

I like to keep an offline PDF of my configuration/installation/adminGuides/etc.. but started noticing a few that were only available in HTML. In particular recently with Meeting Place 7.0. This makes it difficult to search for a keyword because I dont know which chapter it might be in. Plus I cant read about it offline :(

Anyone no why some groups have chosen not to publish the PDF?


Hi there. I am one of the technical writers who works on MeetingPlace. Starting with Release 7.0, we decided to no longer provide whole book PDFs of the admin guides. The information that is posted on was current when we posted it last summer, but it is slowly becoming out of date. Instead of updating the Framemaker files and regenerating PDFs (which takes a long time), we are updating the DocWiki. Therefore, the most recent information about MeetingPlace 7 can be found on the DocWiki here:

If you want to search within the DocWiki, you can either use the internal DocWiki search (which isn't very good and we don't recommend) or you can go to Google and enter this: "" . You can also go here: to use a custom Google search that searches just the MP 7 sections of the DocWiki.

We are also investigating a tool that lets you print multiple DocWiki pages at once, so you could print a PDF of all the pages you want at once. You could then save this PDF, although it will become obsolete as soon as you print it. This tool may be available in the next few months.

If you must have a PDF, PDFs are available on for each chapter of the various admin guides.

I hope this answers your question. If you would like more information, please contact me at


Julie McMullen


Thank you for your honest and informative answer. I like the Google search options. Much appreciated.

On a related note does anyone know if the cisco netpro forums have any google tricks. I know they arent indexed by default but thought maybe there was a similar google search syntax like stated above?


Hi all,

The same path and strategy is now in place for Cisco Unified Presence  documentation (only wiki pages available)

If desired we can use on option in order to get a conversion into pdf from the wiki to a global file.

So, if I correctly understand, we can not change this part.

But, is that possible to improve the look and feel of the generated pdf ?(old pdf structure and look was really great)



I actually dislike the .PDF only documentation because it does not format well on my Kindle.  I like to carry all my technical docs with me on my Kindle 2 so they are always available for my reference - with all bookmarks & highlighting intact.  Unfortunately Kindle does not handle .PDF files well.  I would actually like to see Cisco keep all its documentation is a web-like format which makes it easier to convert to any ebook reader.



Hi Andy,

The Cisco tech doc standard is to publish in both HTML and PDF formats.  However, sometimes docs from newer Cisco divisions haven’t yet adopted HTML publishing.  In that case, the docs are provided as is so the docs are delivered in time for product releases (until the publishing process is updated).

If you can give me a URL, I can pass along your comment to the group responsible for the doc.



Can we just cut to the chase and get Cisco docs available in Kindle format?  I don't have a Kindle, yet, but am very interested in the WiFI only K3.  The only reason I'm not pre-ordering one yet is because of my concern for getting the technical documentation in an easily readable format on the device.  If this isn't possible, or it is just too difficult, then it's not worth it to me.  The K3 is supposed to have a much improved support for PDF's, but still may not handle all PDF formatting correctly.


Excellent question!  It’s one that we in tech docs have been asking too.

There are Cisco Press books on Kindle, and we are doing some digging about getting tech docs on Kindle.  We’ll update this thread when we have more info.  Thanks very much for your interest in having docs on e-readers.

FYI - Some doc groups are beginning to do docs for mobile devices.  These are not whole config guides or command refs but short docs such as lists of new features, written to be viewed on small mobile devices.  There is a new site,, that is in its infancy so expect changes.

Other doc groups are doing videos that are iPhone compatible, for example these 2 videos about Cisco Mobile:




Any update to this or anyone care to post their experiences of using Cisco PDF's on the new Kindle 3?

I have one on order and hope to be able to use it to read SRND's in PDF format - has anyone done this yet? - if so how well does it work?


My Kindle 3 shipped out on Friday so I should have an answer to this question pretty soon.  I will post an update once I've had some time to tinker around with it.  I really hope it works out because I returned my IPAD because it was to heavy for continous reading - the Kindle is the perfect form factor.



Just got my Kindle 3 and I love it.

Now here is what you need to know about reading Cisco PDF files on your Kindle.

#1 - If you just copy the PDF file to your Kindle you will be disappointed big time.

#2 - To really appreciate the PDF viewer on the new Kindle you need to convert your PDF using your Kindle provided email address (something like  If you have WIFI enabled then your converted document will be delivered to your Kindle for FREE.

Only been playing an hour with my new Kindle so far but if I come across anything else I'll update it here.



Hi Andy,

Thanks for the update. What type of PDFs have you tested so far? - I would really like to know if the Kindle 3 can handle 1000+ page documents such as the CallManager 7.x SRND.

I am still waiting for my Kindle 3 - order was placed 9 days ago so I am hoping it appears soon.


I converted the SRND for 8.x CUCM and it worked.

Mostly PDF documents converted to Kindle read OK, not 100% but OK.  The biggest annoyance are TABLES which do not convert well at all but everything else is manageable.

Here are the three(3) ways I tested to get PDF docs on my Kindle 3:

1. Connect it to your PC and drag and drop the PDF to the Kindle.

  • This method preserves the original PDF document the best but you can not change text size (only ZOOM the entire document which then won't fit in the screen anymore)
  • No Notes or Highlights

2. Use Amazon's email conversion service.  Email your document to

  • This converts your document to native format which now gives you the ability to save Notes & Highlights.
  • Tables in your documents (I have only tried Cisco PDFs) will not format well.
  • Another annoyance is that the CONTENTS page at the beginning of most Cisco PDFs is not clickable.  The hyperlinks do not work so you can;t just click on one and be brought to the proper section.

3. Download Mobipocket Creator (it is free) and install it on your PC.

  • This gives you the same options as #2 above but not your CONTENTS page is clickable.  This is a benefit especially for large PDFs.

Take it for what it is, its a portable reading device and for what I want it for it does an adequate job - I am hopeful that it will only continue to improve overtime.  I had an iPad and returned it - while it is an awesome device try laying in bed at night and holding the iPad for more than 20 minutes without your arm cramping up.  The Kindle (while not 100% perfect yet) works for me in a form factor & price point that I can live with.




Hi Andy,

Great insight and information below about your experience and preference on ereaders. It's also very interesting to hear about the testing and issues you are encountering with PDFs (especially regarding tables).

We are compiling and collaborating with an internal supporting team that is looking into ereaders and PDFs. All of the details and information that you have been kindly sharing w/ us will be brought to them. We realize how important it is to have PDFs available, please keep us (and others following this thread) updated as to your experience.

We hope to have an update on this issue soon!

Janel Kratky


Thanks for the response Andy. My Kindle is due at the end of the month so I will post about my experiences using it to read Cisco PDFs.

Janet it would be great if Cisco PDFs could be designed to be able to be viewed/indexed on e-readers.

One idea I think may be worth looking at is developing an App for tablets (iPad, Cius etc.) in which the user can select documentation topics and have the tablet automatically download the content from Cisco and periodically update the content.

For instance you could select Voice > CallManager > Version 7.x > Design Guides to get the SRNDs and so on.

I think an app like this should be fairly simple to create - I would be happy to assist with testing if Cisco can send me a Cius for that purpose