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B2B calls - No Audio/Video until a few keys are pressed on the IP Phone

Level 1
Level 1

It would be great a help if some one can help me.

B2B calls pass through a CUBE which is on 15.1 and it has been there for a long time and no issues with B2B calls.

Recently we started facing issues with few B2B calls. Our endpoints are at 1.8.1. CUCM 8.6.2a

- The calls get connected on the BT bridge

- The calls are built as dial in on the BT end. We dial into the BT bridge.

- When we dial into the BT bridge the call gets connected and when we login into the CLI of the CTS we can see the status of the call as Audio/Video.

- But actually we do not get audio/video until we punch a few keys on the IP phone. Means that once we randomly punch keys like 12345 we start getting audio and video.

I know this is crazy, but this is only work around as of now for us.

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