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I'm having trouble connecting our SX10 to our TV in our conference room. We are connecting it with an HDMI and PoE. No matter what HDMI input it is in, nothing shows up on the TV. It is a Vizio. Any troubleshooting suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

OK, we'll start with the obvious...

  1. Is the Input Source on the TV set to the port that you have the SX10 connected to?
  2. Is the HDMI cable connected to the HDMI (video out) port on the SX10 (the one on the same side as the ethernet and USB ports, not the one on the side where the VGA and microphone sockets are as that is in input for connecting a device such as a laptop.
  3. You say you are using PoE to power the SX10 - is the network swtich you are connecting to capable of providing power over the ethernet cable, or is it just a normal ethernet switch?
  4. Does the power light light up when the device is powered and the button is pushed to turn it on?
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