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Cisco Webex and Telepresence Outlook integration


Hi Community,

If you download and install the Cisco Productivity Tool on you computer, in your Outlook menu appears a new Webex panel part with "Meet Now" and "Schedule Meeting" icons. Based on the found related documents there is an option panel for Telepresence endpoints to schedule on the right side and on the menu as well. Sources:

1)  Productivity Tools: Integrate WebEx into Outlook (WBS29.13, WBS30)

2) Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Extension for Microsoft Exchange Data Sheet

Is anybody know how we can get the "Meeting Options" panel on the right side of the Outlook window?

CMR Hybrid integration is always mentioned in related documents, but how it should be configured/integrated?

On more related doc:

Thanks for any info/hint/idea about this topic!


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What you're referring to is CMR Hyrbid, do you have that setup and configured?

It uses your on-premise conferencing resources and connects to WebEx Meeting Center, you'll need to work with a Cisco partner to setup and configure your on-premise infrastructure as well as work with WebEx to enable the feature on their end.

Hello Patrick, 


And If you just want to do it with CMR Cloud, you just have to install the TMSXE, and you will get automatically the Telepresence option ? 


thanks :) 

You setup an Exchange mailbox for each endpoint in TMS, and you simply add the endpoint's email address to WebEx Meeting Center invites, and TMSXE will scheduled the endpoint to dial into the WebEx MC meeting.  See the TMSXE Deployment Guides for more information, it also goes over the booking process.

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