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CME 9.0 vs ATA-187 vs Brother MFC - FAX

Hi Guys,

hope you can help me with my incompetence.

I Tried quite some time to make following work.

On my Sisters Company we have an ISR 2901 (SEC-CME Bundle) with CME 9.0 running. Also we have an ATA-187 with the latest Firmware (9-2-3-1). The CME is configured with the ATA-187 (at least basicaly) right as the ATA shows the Line 1 as Registered with the correct DN.

Directly connected to the ATA on line 1 is the Brother MFC multi-function-printer for receiving fax.

We have following issue:

When we try to send an Fax from the MFC the ATA-187 makes a short quick click noise (sounds like a relay or so) and the Line 1 LED blinks 1 (one) time green and then stays black. Then we can hear the MFC dial (the MFC speaks out the dial tone). On the Router i can not see any connection from the ATA-187 trying to get to the outside

When we try to receive a Fax from external, we can see the call (debug isdn q931) comming in and beeing redirected to the ATA-187. The MFC gives a sound output (It Rings 2 times). When the MFC takes the line, the debug command says DISCONNECTED and the fax trying to send the fax gives busy tone). On the Display of the MFC we have "Receiving"

I am realy not into Telephony. (just the basics from the CCNA Voice)

Thanks for your Help.

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Which iOS si running into 2925 router?

Thé ATA version you specified is correct but you Will need to upgrade your routeur iOS to 15.2 version.


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Version 15.2(3)T1 is running on the 2901 ISR

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