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CMS - only 500 concurrent XMPP clients

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Is there anyone out there having trouble with the known limitation of 500 concurrent XMPP clients.

I`m quite frustrated, because CMS can actually be scaled easily for several 1000 users, and now the XMPP is the bottleneck with only 500 XMPP Clients. These 500 also include guest users which have been invited to "Cisco Meeting" conferences. We regulary break the 500 limit in these days and our users keep complaining that they can not login to CMS any more.

I know about the MMP Value "xmpp max_session". I already limited this to two. But, and this is really a joke, if users try to start a third xmpp session they get told by the app that the password or username is incorrect.

That is definetly wrong and than even more users start complaining, rightly.

Does anyone have the same problem or even a solution to this really bad situation?

I'm happy for any comment


Kindest regrads


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We too have the same problem but it seems bottleneck is software specific created < not true at the platform level.

Exactly, you can't do anything about it, at least not for money.

I wonder how really big companies deal with that bottleneck.

I think this is a really big issue. The CMS developers need to fix this urgently.


By the way, you can read in the latest guides:

"Cisco is simplifying the Cisco Meeting Server and Cisco Meeting App interaction, and as a
result the app dependence on XMPP will be removed. Once this development is complete,
Cisco will remove XMPP from the Cisco Meeting Server product line. Customers are
encouraged to start planning the migration to the Cisco Meeting WebRTC app rather than using
the Cisco Meeting App thick clients (Windows, Mac and iOS).

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We are facing the same problem. We've heard from Cisco, that the XMPP will become obsolete. Today the CMS 2.9 was released with a new WebBridge, which don't need XMPP anymore: