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Conductor geographic cascading


Hi all.

Are there anyone know a road map developing Conductor geographic cascading.

I have a plan to implement a FullHD conference with 64 participants, but bandwidth of WAN connection is low, I cannot use a centering solution.

There was the feature in Conductor ver 1.2, but now, I'm not sure that it is available in the newest version.


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I noticed that the old Conductor Geographic Cascading Deployment Guide (XC1.2) is still available. Unless the release notes don't say otherwise, it might be safe to assume the guide is still relevant.  I noticed the guide is only relevant for VCS deployments, there is an old feature request CSCuq09860 to make this available for CUCM.

In the document, the feature is supported by MCU:

• 4200 Series
• 4500 Series
• 5300 series
• 8420 Media Blade
• 8510 Media2 Blade
I'm using Cisco Telepresence Server.

Cascading has been supported on the TelePresence Server since the 4.0 release.  I'd suggest you reach out to your local Account Manager, they'd be the ones that can tell you about road map items.  You could also reach out to TAC or your local CSE and maybe one of them might have some suggestions or ideas to make this possible with the TelePresence Server.

In the document, there is a important step in page 23:

Step 4: Configuring a cascade link for the slave conference

In the step, "Advanced parameters" have to be edited, but unfortunately, there is a signification note:

"Advanced parameters are supported on templates using a bridge type of TelePresence MCU. They can be edited after the auto-dialed participant has been created."

This means that the way configuring geographic cascading not support TelePresence Server.

I understand the document doesn't work for the TelePresence Server, I was saying that since cascading is now supported on the TPS, as it wasn't previously, perhaps this might be possible.  Suggest you raise this issue up to your account manager, they can create an enhancement request for you to allow geographic cascading with the TelePresence Server/

Hello - I checked the latest Conductor release notes, geographic cascading with TPS is definitely not supported. I don't know if it's roadmapped - if I find that info I will add it here. See this from the latest release notes (December 2015):

It does not support:

 T3 point to point calls escalated to a conference functionality

 Auto-dialed participants that are multiscreen endpoints 

Advanced parameters for auto-dialed participants that are part of conferences hosted on TelePresence Servers 

Geographic cascading with TelePresence Servers as conference bridges

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