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CUCM SME Server and VCS Control

Haydn von Imhof

Hi All

Does anyone have any documentation on integration between the Cisco CUCM SME Server and VCS Control?

Or is it that same configuration as integration as with normal CUCM?

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Alok Jaiswal
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Haydn,

I am afraid that there is a documentation for this available as of now, but to my understanding the SME will be managing the session.

You can have direct or a turnk through CUCM-SME. SME is used in deployment model for centrailized managment so the SME is the one who would be routing the call in this scenario.

SME should have two trunks one pointing to CUCM and another towards VCS.

However on the leaf CUCM you can have two trunks one configured towards VCS directly and then one configured towards the SME, put this two trunks in the "route list" and assign it to "route-pattern" with higher priority to going towards CUCM-SME.

just in case if the CUCM SME is down then the call should get routed to the VCS directly.



Has there been an update to this? Is there another document now where SME to VCSc is just a plain trunk?  If not, where can I find the document you have described here?

Hi, did you check the SRND? I think there is some useful information there.



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