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MSE 8510 User Accounts/Login

Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Wondering what Cisco and or anyone that uses any type of MSE 8000 based hardware thinks of the ability to utilize AD or domain accounts for login instead of the current manual creation/maintain method currently in use?

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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I am not aware of any ldap capabilities of the MSE8510.

You might be able to use the api to create/change/remove user accounts or do required action.

I prefer to not give any users accounts on the MCU.

Check out the on screen menu option in the latest MCU releases, this might be helpful

for advanced mcu users.

With the usage of the conductor and the TPS direct access becomes even less an option,

so lets hope TMS picks up to have more user diferientiated mcu management, ...

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Yeah, I only have 4 people that have access to the MCU, and thats just use that manage video conferences and our system admin group.  Thankfuly no one has forgotten their account/password as of yet. 

We're hoping to move to Conductor in the coming year, along with adding additional MCUs.  I'm consantly loggin into it everyday, just waiting for someone to mess up and loose their information etc.  Managing the MCU directly for some things is easier to me.

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