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Share content simultaneously during a VC


Is it possible to Share content back and fourth through a cisco VC?


Our current setup is as follows; we have two endpoints using a virtual meeting room, each endpoint has a Barco ClickShare "CES-200" set up to share the content from each endpoint. At each endpoint there are multiple computers that need sharing.


The problem we are having is as follows; when we set up the meeting endpoint "1" starts the meeting off sharing their content, halfway through the meeting (but not every meeting) endpoint "2" will need to share their content. when endpoint "2" shares their content it will remove endpoint "1" from sharing their content. This is not an issue until endpoint "2" is done sharing their content and endpoint "1" will need to reshare their content. This is a problem because this is a high profile meeting each week and the people present do not have the ability/know how to reshare their content as they do originally. 


My ultimate question is, is there a way to share the Content back and fourth during a meeting with out knocking off a source when a new source is shared?

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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


You are not saying what software version you are using or what device you are talking about.

The latest software has a lot of these customization posibilities where you can decide what content is sent in the different streams. In a normal call you have two video streams, one for video and one for content. The content channel is not open until you start to share. When a participant starts a share he/she is requesting the content channel floor and is the one distributing the content on that channel. Only one can send content on the content channel at a time which is why P1 gets knocked out when P2 starts a share. 


Back to my point.. we have introduced something called MainVideo compositing and Presentation compositing which basically means that you can control what image is sent in the channels. I guess what you are looking for is to be able to send the content in the main channel instead of the content channel (if someone else is sharing normally in the content channel). This behavior can be defined by a macro and a in-room control panel, but again the users must know when to use the behavior. It may be possible to implement a method that checks if content is being shared then send the content in the mainchannel instead (I am not sure if this would work beacuse I think the other user will be knocked out anyway) but two buttons that says: [Send content in video channel 1] - [Send content in video channel 2] (normal share) will at least give the user the ability to share its content in the main channel. If all participants in the call has the feature, all participants can in theory share its computer screen at the same time (together with a little PIP of the camera view in the bottom right corner if applicable).



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