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Sharing content and camera during a joint Cisco Telepresence / Polycom Videoconferencing meeting

Glenn Merkel

So my company has used Polycom in many of our conference rooms for the past 10 years.  We had VSX systems, then HDX, and one room has gone to a RealPresence 700 system... before we started adding Cisco Telepresence units.


While our Polycom devices all use H.323 communication, making calls by IP address, the Cisco Telepresence systems are all setup with SIP, and I recently notice that network-based calling is DISABLED in most (if not all) of the Cisco Telepresence systems we have.


Because we hold meetings between older and newer system rooms, we occasionally are having a Telepresence system dial into a Polycom system or vice versa.  But if we try and share camera and content at the same time, only the content is displayed.  I worked with our local provider to get a TIP code for the RealPresence Polycom system (our newest device), input it under the options screen, and called the Cisco Telepresence system using a SIP phone number.  But the same problem existed as before, content and camera can't be shared between Polycom and Cisco systems.


Any ideas what could be wrong?  And is there any point in enabling IP-based calling, and trying to call a Polycom system using IP address, rather than SIP?  I suppose there is STILL just so much I don't know about the Cisco Telepresence, I may not have enough information to ask the right question.  But any help is appreciated.

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What Cisco and Polycom endpoints are you using and what is their software versions?

Is the call point-to-point, or multipoint? If multipoint, what are you using for a conference bridge and what software version?
Are you using any type of call control server and what software version, what protocols are the endpoints registered with (ie: SIP and/or H323)?

We have about 9 Polycom HDX 8000 HD codecs.  The 8000's are all running Release - 3.1.11-53024.

We also have one RealPresence Group 700 system running Release - 5.1.2-320034.


The calls are being made point-to-point, using SIP extension dialing.  Since digging into the Cisco Telepresence equipment and seeing IP-based communication is available in their setup, but is disabled on all our systems, I've been curious if enabling that mode and making the calls via IP address, rather than SIP extension, might not resolve the problems we are having.  But I have yet to test that theory.


Thanks for the reply, and I really appreciate any assistance you can provide.


Glenn Merkel

If the Polycom endpoints are using H323 and Cisco endpoints are using SIP, there must be something between the two the interwork the two protocols? Why not use H323 and/or SIP across all endpoints

There is also s software update for the Polycom HDX endpoints, 3.1.12, appears to resolve several content related bugs between Polycom and Cisco endpoints, might want to give it a try.
Polycom HDX 3.1.12 Release Notes

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