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TMS Recovery

Haydn von Imhof
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Level 4

I all

If you have mistakenly deleted a folder containing subfolders and endpoints from the TMS system navigator is there a way to retrieve that folder and endpoints without reading then individually?

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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Did you do a Delete or Purge?  If you simply deleted them, than you can add them back pretty simple, however it was a purge, than you have to manually add them all back in.

Nothing will be able to recreate the folders, so you'll need to add them back in my hand, but you can add the endpoints in with just a matter of a few clicks.

Systems > Navigator > Add Systems > From List (tab at top) > Select endpoints

This will show all endpoints that are either added, or once deleted.  Purged endpoints are like it sounds, purged from TMS and will not be foundin this list.

If systems are purged also conferences and cdr entries would be gone, in short they would be completly removed from the TMS. In that case I would check if not many other changes would be done (like added other systems, phonebooks, meetings,...) and revert to a recent sql backup.

But often its quite simple to add some endpoints to tms. It could also help to turn on the auto discovery,

then these systems might show up in the defined discovered system folder and you would have to move them

to the proper locations.

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The systems were not purged. So the client managed to re add them all as suggested.

The client was also not making backup of the TMS SQL database so they have started doing that now to for safety as well as taking a VM snapshot of TMS server.