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TMS System Not Recording Calls For One C series Endpoint

Level 1
Level 1

Dont see call records for one C seris endpoints.

What would cause such behaviour ?

Any known issues ?

TMS version: 13.1.2
C40 TC4.2
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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Well since you see the calls for the other systems i guess we can rule out the TMS. There is a couple of things on the endpoint it self you can check. If you go to the system in tms then click the settings tab, then click extended settings in the sub tab. Expand the system status and ctrl + f and search for feedback. It should be the feedback address 3. If that is not populated then the endpoint would not know where to send its traps. Go to the edit settings and click the button on the bottom "Enforce management settings". Check now if the address is correctly set. If the address is there the endpoint is trying to send to that address. Verify that the endpoint can reach that address. A common issue is that the feedback address is a dns name but the endpoint does not have a dns server configured that can resolve the address

Check this first. If the address is there and it can resolve it. Start a tcp dump on the endpoint and make a call. Look for the post to the feedback service of tms. Maybe its blocked by something...


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