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Add endpoints to TMS hosted solution


I have the following setup:




All in a hosted solution.  Endpoints register to VCS-E.  The endpoints are all on different networks (no LAN connection)

I'm tryin to add the endpoints to the TMS server 13.1.1 for management and phone book.  I'm having a hard time achieving this task as all the endpoints are on different networks and all endpoints are not NAT'ed and only have Private IP's.

I tried to pre-register the endpoint and I wasn't successful.  I entered the SNMP and TMS info on the codec but again no connection.

I think I'm not the first one with this problem.  can anyone offer some insight on how to register the endpoints to TMS?

Thanks in advance

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Cisco Employee

Add endpoints to TMS hosted solution

Hi Ayman

Is the TMS available on the public internet?

Let's assume that the TMS is available on a public IP and your endpoints are behind firewall in a LAN. The setup you are now looking at is to add endpoints that are behind firewall. Assuming you can reach the TMS server from the LAN the endpoints are located at you can type in the "External management server address" on the codec. Once this is done the endpointpoint will send a trap to the TMS which will "add" it to a list of discovered systems.

If you now click on the Add systems button in systems navigator and you click on the tab "From list". The endpoint should be located there, assuming all the network stuff and the address you typed in as the external manager is correct. Then add it. TMS will not be able to configure it but it can monitor the status of the system, schedule it in conference, upgrade the endpoints software, provide it with phonebook etc.

Its a setup that is totally valid, it just needs to be correct the endpoint will have a status of "Behind firewall" as it is located on a lan using NAT overload.

Like you said that you preregistered the system, then TMS is waiting for the system to send a boot trap to the TMS before it is added. So if everything is preregistered correctly and you have the external managment address / feedback address set correctly on the endpoint and reboot the codec, it will send a boot trap to TMS who will then activate the system (assuming the endpoint can reach the TMS from where its located.

If you are still strugling to get this to work I want to recommend you to open a TAC case.

Hope this was of any help



Add endpoints to TMS hosted solution

Thanks Magnus,

The TMS is reachable from LAN.  I purged the system form TMS, then I followed your steps.  The system shows up No IP address and Status is "Not Yet Activated".  When I try to schedule a call, I get an error message about the MCU is unable to establish a communication.......

There's no one to one NAT, and the endpoint is using the outside Interface of the firewall. 

Just wondering how will the MCU connect to the endpoint if it doesn't know the IP address?

Thanks for the detailed info.

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