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Answer Supervision dual wink start

I have a interesting problem. I have a circuit coming in CAS set up for E&M fgb.

to a Cisco 58xx

The problem is with the wink start. The origionating switch sees immediate answer supervision when a call is made. I beleve this is becuase the Cisco sets ABCD 1111 high for 200 ms to acknowledge that the cisco can take the call., then drops ABCD to 0000. THen the termination swith sets ABCD to 1111 when the call is answered and 0000 when the call is dropped. The problem is the origionation switch responds to the first 1111 as if it were answer supervision thus providing "false" answer supervision. THe problem then is that the CDR from the origionation switch show duration even on non-completed calls and adds duration to completed calls.

Is there anyway to no send wink back to the orgionation switch from the cisco gateway and only the wink from the termination switch ? This only happens on CAS trunks.

a normal call will give me 3 offhook events and 1 on hook event

1. Off hook with the origionation swith starts the digits

2. Off Hook event with the digits are complete (this is the one providing the false answer supervision)

3. Off Hook with the termination switch completes the call (this the one that should provide the answer supervision)

4. On hook when the call is complete (this is normal)

Any help


Re: Answer Supervision dual wink start

Even though these are cas trunks, you need to have direct-inward-dial under the pots dial peer that is matched when the call comes in. This is configured by default under the dial peers for 26/36xx series routers but need to be configured for 5xxx platforms. If it is not configured then answer supervision is sent back to the switch immediately as the call comes in, but with direct-inward-dial, the answer supervision is sent to the switch, when we get a connect message back from the terminating device.

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