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Help finding a simple solution for CUPC to conference room

Cisco/Tandberg has proposed a giant video system with video servers, etc., and they seem to require software clients in the field to run MOBI. 

Our management was interested until they found out that MOBI does not have all the "other" features that CUPC has (IM, presence, works great as just a soft phone w/o video, etc.).  They do not want to complicate the amount of software required in the field, or complicate people who have just been trained with CUPC.  The bottom line is they have rejected any solution that requires MOBI / cannot use CUPC for video calls.

They do not want to use CUPC on a PC in the conference room. 

They want me to find a hardware device with a camera that ties into UCM 8.x at our HQ location, and that can output video to a large LCD TV (like a laptop can, i.e. using a VGA or HDMI cable, etc.) in a conference room, that can be in a video call with a CUPC user, and that doesn't require any special or dedicated video hardware beyond the device that sits in the conference room.  They are only interested in 1-1 calls, so this really isn't "video conferencing", just video calls between a single CUPC over a VPN connection from the field, and some hardware device that outputs to a monitor in a conference room at HQ. 

Is there a piece of hardware made by Cisco or by Tandberg that can do that?  Or, failing that, by any third party? 

Apologies, but I have never setup any Cisco/Tandberg video hardware before, and I'm just looking for a quick answer on this. 

Thanks in advance for your time!

Marwan ALshawi

If you run cucm 8.6 then you can use cisco/tandberg end points to be registered on cucm such as the C series endpoints where you can plug it to LCD display and use it for video and content sharing as well

Hope this help

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