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Martin Koch

media ports vcs. cli, ...

Tomonori: I noticed that the B2BUA concurrent call capability is now doubled from 50 to 100 but the port range for the b2bua itself is still 1001.

With the b2bua there are a couple of things which I do not really understand,

* why is it an uneven port range 56000-57000=1001 ports, shouldnt it be better a even amount of ports?

* why is there no CLI command for this, at least I did not find anything in the tsh/xconfig

* how many ports are max. used in a b2bua/lync call? ((video, audio) * (rtp,  rtcp) * (in, out)) = 8 or more?

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Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee

Media port range configuration in B2BUA is only for OCS/Lync integration.

Currently OCS/Lync negotiate audio/video only therefore consume 8 ports per call at maximum (audio rtp/rtcp & video rtp/rtcp for in/out).

So maximum port utilization is 800 (100 x OCS/Lync calls).

Please note, the media encryption feature (introduce in X7.2) will use traversal port range for call handling not B2BUA media port range.

For CLI command/configuration, we are trying to move more to WebGUI this point.

Hallo Tomonori!

regards the CLI thats definitely a big disappointment.

Till now I could relay on the xconfig and xstatus to see what happening on a device and

thats also what I loved on the VCS. It was an easy way to configure, analyze, troubleshoot,

compare, backup, restore, mass deploy, ...

If this functionality gets lost (what in general already happened as its not reliable anymore)

its a big backdraw!

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regards the media ports.

I did not notice a feedback on the uneven default port range, which is for RTP quite strange.

I also wonder if its ((video, audio) * (rtp,  rtcp) * (in, out)) = 8, isnt it even up to 16 per call

as its also in addtion two call legs from and to the B2BUA.

Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

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