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TMS Doesn't create tickets for CE endpoint diagnostic errors

Hi Folks,


I'm running TMS 15.9.0 with CE8.x and 9.x endpoints registered to CUCM.


My question has to do with TMS's ability to alert to warning and error conditions in the endpoints.  One specific case of this is when one of my SX20 or SX80 endpoints has an alarm due to missing video input on the selected input source.  The diagnostic on the endpoint reports:


ERROR: Selected Video Input Source

No input video signal on selected input connector HDMI 1. This will result in no selfview and no video sent from this device in a call. There could be several reasons why no video is received. Please verify:

  • The connector is properly connected.
  • The external video source (typically camera) is sending video. Tip: To verify that the external video source is sending video, connect it to a known working monitor instead of this device.
  • That the cables are not damaged. Swap out the suspected cable with another standard cable.

If another input source is preferred to operate as main video source, please consider changing the main video source.



In this condition TMS does not create a "ticket" and seems to have no clue that the endpoint has an error.  I've looked through the ticket configuration, and in the list of conditions that it monitors, I don't see anything that relates to and endpoint diagnostic error.  Am I missing something, or is TMS just not designed to notice some error conditions in the codec?


If TMS doesn't monitor this kind of error, are any of you doing something differently to monitor endpoint health?


Thanks, in advance.

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