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What is the purpose of Ethernet port on PrecisionHD camera?


I can understand all other interfaces but I don't see the reason why that network port is needed



Marius Nedregaard
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You have one RJ45 plug is used for camera control/camera power ( from Codec )

You have one RJ11 plug for daisy chaining.

I am not sure on what the last RJ45 is for.

For more information about the camera, and installation point your browser to


Martin Koch

First of all  you do not need to use the ethernet port. Second of all I do not see a reason why you can not see a reason :-)

The best answer is always: "Possible future enhancements".

Take a look at the C Series codecs, they also have pelenty of connectors which you might not use,

like the secondary ethernet port which was not used till the Cisco Touch 7" panel arrived.

Like Guy mentioned, the ethernet port can be used to upgrade the camera.

But besides that just use your fantasy what you might want so see on such a camera port, I could imagine (for future camera versions):

* camera powered over ethernet

* camera control over ethernet

* webserver with preview / snapshots on camera via ip

* streaming of the camera picture

* video connection in between codec and camera via ip

* debugging of the camera, ...

So the question is more, why not put a ethernet port in a VC camera! ;-)

If you take a look at the 4x zoom camera, there is an usb port, wouldnt it be cool to use that as

an usb webcam for JabberVideo? :-)

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