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Meme Monday: Cisco Live US 2023!

Sean Dahlberg
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


We’re just a few weeks away from Cisco Live US 2023! This will be my first Cisco Live to ever attend and I’ve only heard great things about it... as well as to bring super comfortable shoes and extra pairs of socks!  

So I figured what better topic for a Monday than Cisco Live + memes! I found the below which did make me lol a little as observability is a hot topic right now, and the Zoolander meme brought it over the top (with awesomeness). 

Are you going to Cisco Live US? If so, let us know below. And if you’re going, make sure to check out the community panels we’ll be hosting. 

Whether you are going or not, what memes come to mind when thinking of Cisco Live? 


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Paul Zimmerman
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Oh you're in for some fun, @Sean ... Cisco Live is always such a great time, and while the whole event is great, the DevNet Zone is of course THE most happening place at Cisco Live! Here is some of the fun...

Cisco Haircut.jpg  Chatting with Chuck.png  hats smaller 3.jpg 

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