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Both ydk-gen and ydk-cpp have been updated at github.Here is a list of features that have gone into the release:Bundle improvementsUpdated cisco-ios-xr to support Cisco IOS XR 6.3.2 releaseUpdated cisco-ios-xe to support Cisco IOS XE 16.8.1 releaseAl...

abhirame by Cisco Employee
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API: YDK-PY 0.5.5 with the prebuild XR models, ydk model: Cisco_IOS_XR_ip_rib_ipv4_oper, tested also with ncclientDevices: XRv version 6.1.2, XR version 6.1.4, XR version 6.1.4 sp2Routing table: is not present, default route is presentUse c...

Anton Abik by Enthusiast
  • 5 replies
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I cannot install the ydk without installing libydk. However I cannot install the libydk rpm as it asks for the epel-release repository. In Fedora the epel-release repository doesn't exist because everything within that repository is in the default re...

jbritt by Beginner
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Team - I'm trying to run stateless GUI (v4.0) for TRex (v2.39) on Windows 10 workstation and cannot see anything after connection to server.Log View shows correct connections to all services (TRex server, Scapy, Trex async), but I cannot see any conf...

pchomczy by Cisco Employee
  • 7 replies
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Hi all, I'm looking at YDK as a potential solution to parsing custom attributes for all XPaths within models/modules. My current approach is based on pyang (exploratory code, but effectively the same), but doesn't account for errors, etc. very well -...

remcampb by Cisco Employee
  • 1 replies
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Hi all,The following code worked before I updated to ydk 0.7.0.  Now I am receiving an error when a ydk.errors.YPYCoreError when I run it.  I have tested against several virtual devices running XR (code level 6.0 and 6.2.1 as well as XR router in YDK...

sihart by Cisco Employee
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Hi,I'm trying to use ydk to configure Huawei VRP devices using netconf.So far, I've managed to generate the ydk for the Huawei YANG files (located here:, and have started to play with the API.I've got a simple bit of c...

geordish1 by Beginner
  • 11 replies
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Here's an easy way to try YDK-Py 0.7.0! The Vagrant box is now updated: vagrant@ydk-py:~$ pip list | grep ydk ydk                     0.7.0       ydk-models-cisco-ios-xe 16.7.1      ydk-models-cisco-ios-xr 6.3.1       ydk-models-ietf         0.1.4...

saalvare by Cisco Employee
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