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Exceed Quotas

I recently purchase the Cisco Virl and i am getting this error message when I launch a topology with 16 iOSv and 4 iOSvL2Exceeded quota(s): {'VCPUS': {'available': 12.0, 'required': 20}}Traceback (most recent call last):  File "/usr/local/lib/python2...

drawing vlanPaths that works with nodeSet

Hi, I have a topology that uses "Nodeset".  I am drawing paths (for example, VlanPath) on top of the topology when user selects the vlans.When I collapse the Nodesets, the vlanpaths remain on screen not collapsing with the Nodeset.   Is there a way t...

kevinche by Cisco Employee
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How API Client authenticating TRex

Hi,We require CTReXClient Module authentication to TRex REST daemon Please help me understand what authentication mechanism currently available?Also would like to know anything Roadmap related to RBAC (Access Control) for API Clients Thank You,Rias

riasudeen by Beginner
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Resolved! TReX isssues with Intel NIC ixgbe

Hi,I am new to TReX, TReX running in RHEL 7.2 and defined 2 No's of 10Gig Interface ports in trex_cfg.yamlInterface Details:Intel 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+driver: ixgbe and version 5.3.5 (Ensured its latest NIC drivers)Normally, I am able to see ab...

riasudeen by Beginner
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Can't Access UWM

Hi all,I have been searching, but can't seem to find an answer to a problem I have.I have loaded the 5 interface OVA file on an ESXi host and followed the setup guide, but I am unable to access the UWM. Running virl_setup, I have the primary interfac...

zgafford by Beginner
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Ports not found

Hi all, first post, not that experienced with trex yet, but using it to create a ton of netflow data, can make it cooperate in a VM, boss and a dev want it on a box. Running it on a ubuntu workstation that has 2xgbe ports and after i run the set up p...

geekymutt by Beginner
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I need G0/18-20 for vIOS L2

HelloI have four switches vIOS L2 in my emulator. I try to add 24 ports so I can connect G0/18-20 between two of the same switches and the switch has G0/0-3, G1/0-3, G2/0-3, G3/0-3, G4/0-3, and G5/0-3. How do I get 24 contiguous ports on these viral ...

mlenco by Beginner
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Hey guys, Trying to setup VXLAN BGP L2VPN EVPN, nothing fancy, BGP can't run properly, I'm getting some low memory errors. Any idea how to fix this ? BGP doesn't send any packets to the peers. Thanks !Johan

joarens by Cisco Employee
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Error when using frame size increase

Hi experts,I'm using TRex STL API.There's only one stream added on my trex port.Here is the json data I get by the get_stream API in before starting the traffic.{'mode': {'type': 'continuous', 'rate': {'value': 100, 'type': 'pps'}}, ...

yufenwan by Beginner
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OSX - Save Guest credentials in keychain

In OSX, after loading VMMaestro for the first time it asked me if I'd like to give it permission to access in my OSX keychain.  I hit Deny and now have to enter my Guest credentials every time I load the app. I would like to go...

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