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UCS Director - Hiding Standard catalog


In ucs director, I am publishing a bunch of Advanced catalogs to specific groups, which in turn uses standard catalogs to deploy VMs.

I am trying to find a way to hide Standard catalog from a User Group.



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When you define/publish the catalog item in “Policies—>Catalogs", there is a section where you choose to publish to “All groups” or you pick and choose specific groups from a list.


Rekha Krishna

That's not hiding the Catalog, that would be removing access to the catalog.

I only want the end users to see Advanced catalog.

I am trying to find a way by which the end users are only able to see the Advanced catalog and are able to submit requests using the advanced catalog.

When the end users submit a SR using the advanced catalog, the workflow that we created in turn calls a Standard catalog and based on my understanding, the end users also need to have access to the Std catalog or its throws an error with no permission error for the standard cat. I am using "userAPISubmitServiceRequestCustom" to provision VMs.

Can you help.



That is not an answer. I need the same. How to hide standard catalog item from end user?

Thanks for your feedback. Currently, we do not have that functionality. We will definitely look into it and see if it can be planned for any upcoming release.

it is in the product at tis time


I am unable to hide standard catalogs that Advanced Catalogs require. I end up with duplicates, or if i hide the standard, i end up with nothing to select.

The "hide" button is here

Policies -> Catalog -> Edit Catalog -> un-check the check box on the first screen "Publish to end users"

But if you do that, then any advanced catalogs based in that will not function.

How do you call/execute a hidden catalog.  I want to test this the same way you are handling it.

There are actually two different settings and perhaps a poor choice of terminology for both. When configurating a standard catalog item, you can select to "publish" the catalog item to all groups or select a specific subset of groups. In addition to those settings, as Orf mention there is another checkbox labelled as "Publish to end users" which should really read something like "show in end user catalog" or something to that effect. So you still need to choose all groups or a subset of groups to actually publish the capability to a particular group or groups, but then you can choose to hide it from their catalog view by using the "Publish to end users" checkbox...

Hope that helps...




His complaint was this…

But if you do that, then any advanced catalogs based in that will not function.

I have not tested that…

Orf Gelbrich

Check out UCS Director Workflow INDEX<> on Cisco Communities (External)

As long as you "publish" the standard catalog capability (select all groups or select specific groups), the advanced catalog should be able to access it when called from an end user in that group, no matter whether you enable or disable the "publish to end user" setting to hide it from view in their end user catalog...

Thanks for clearing that up. I can confirm that if I select "All Groups" and remove "Publish to Users" it hides the catalog item but still enables it to be exposed in an advanced catalog.

Maybe some better wording or Popup Hints - unless I'm a just a little thick!

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