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Attendant Console Options other than ARC?


Has anyone installed an enterprise class attendant console other than those provided by ARC?  We're finding that for a client with 30+ consoles over three clusters that the cost for ARC is just too much.  I'd be interested in any feedback from the user community about other consoles that work well and scale well, hopefully providing the same basic functionality as we are used to with the old Cisco AC as far as directory integration and DN status.  Presence is not necessary at this time, but could be in the future.



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Hi Stephanie

For full disclosure's sake - I'm with Arc Solutions

Not sure if you have seen it, but we have a specific migration program for existing CUCM/CAC users, that are migrating up to UCM 8.x and of course need to replace their old Cisco Attendant Consoles...

If you're looking for an Enterprise Class console, then you would be looking at something like Arc Premium. However, we have also published a whitepaper on helping customers migrate. For example, historically, customers used the old CAC as there were no other options, and it was FREE...

However, nowadays there are other Cisco technology options that can supplement the functionality that some of the CAC users were leveraging. It is not Arc's intention to replace "like for like" with every CAC out there. Sometimes this makes sense, but sometimes it will not. For example, with 30 consoles - maybe some of them need an Arc console, some could leverage the newer side cars, and some could use other CIsco technologies that are free/cheaper

The WhitePaper is on CCO as well as the Arc website - feel free to ping me if you can't find it. Also drop me a line if you'd like more info on the migration program we're running -


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