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Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.0 - New Features Google Hangout Q&A Session

Qiming Huang
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Tohsheen BazazEngineer, Customer Support, Cisco

Welcome the Cisco Support Community Google Hangout Q&A Session about Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.0.  If you have any questions regarding the product or the content of the Google Hangout, please post them here. 

Cisco UCM Product:

Google Hangout Page :

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Good session Tohsheen,

Thank you so much, I need to start gathering information about CUCM usage, including trunk links.

I know CAR is there, but I dont quite like it, v10 is going to have something better?

If not, what you can suggest?


Thank you! :)

Hi Rolando

There is nothing specific in CUCM v10 which will help you differently that v9 with respect to trunk usage.

Let me know what difficulties do you face with CAR,  I will try to address them.



Thanks for answer the questions

Qiming Huang
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Question 1 from Google+ 

The additional route groups for de device pool MUST be emergency? 

The additional local route groups dont have to be emergency. They can be anything.

Qiming Huang
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Question 2 from Google+

At the momento i'm using cucm 7.1.5 .  This instalation is an upgrade from ccm 4.3 . At that time, cucm keept the IPMA and attendant console functionalities on the 7.1 .

Is it possible to upgrade from 7.1 to 10 and if so, will IPMA and attendant console keep working?


Is licensing different? 
Will ver10 work with CUP ver 9?
What new features will end users notices?

1.Licensing on v10 is not different from version9. But yes it has been renamed to Cisco Prime License Manager.

If you compare licenses on v10 to CUCM version 8.X or earlier, then in that case you will see a BIG change. If you need more info about this change please do let me know.

2.IM and Presence Service Release 10.0(1) is supported only with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 10.0(1).

Note IM and Presence Service Release 9.1(x) is supported only with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 9.1(x).


3. End user features include SAML SSO, vido on hold (contact center environment), etc. This session on routing enhancement covered urgent priority which would also translate to end user experience as they might not face the delay in call completion.

IPMA is still supported on UC 10.X.

BUT inherent attendant console went out of support almost 4 years back and is no longer supported.

Cisco recommends administrators to move to CUEAC, CUBAC OR CUDAC.

This might help you push this through your organization:

From the document:

If you want to use attendant console functionality after a Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.1(2) installation/upgrade, Cisco recommends that you use the Cisco Unified Business Attendant Console, Cisco Unified Enterprise Attendant Console, or the Cisco Unified Department Attendant Console.

Qiming Huang
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Level 1

Question 3 from Google+

My cucm is working on a physical machine. Is it possible to upgrade to a virtual machine?

Yes it is possible and if you would like to know the exact steps, please contact TAC.

Please note TAC will only provide you with relevant steps and not carry this activity out for you.

If you want Cisco to do this whole migration then you would need to contact the PDI team. This is their web-page

Qiming Huang
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Level 1

Question 4 from Google+

How can me migrate from version 9? CUCM v10 works with UCCX v9?

Please refer this document to check the UCCX and CUCM compatibility.

UCCX v9 is supported for CUCM 10.X

BUT note: Install ES03 or later version on Unified CCX 902SU1 to work with Unified Communications Manager 10.0(1).

Qiming Huang
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Level 1

Question 5 from Google+

Is any feature to gather metric about the usage of the system? (This includes trunk links?)