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Cobras import to Unity connection - missing recorded names

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Level 1

I did a COBRAS export of Unity7.0.2 and then imported it into Unity Connection 8.5.su1.   The export/import reported no issues in the log files.  There are several users who are reporting they do not have recorded names migrated, as Unity Connection is reading their name from the directory.  I checked in Unity, and the greetings are indeed there.  

I have "Include voice names" and "Include Greetings" selected with the export tool, and no errors reported after the Export finishes.  Did I miss something here or was there a known issue with this for anyone else?  The customer has halted all migrations due to this so I am left to figure this out. 

I have the most recent releases of the COBRAS tools, one which now requires a reboot after installation which was unexpected.

Feedback is welcome.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

No known issues (in fact Cisco used 223 internally to migrate large numbers of folks for our internal migration a few weeks backs). 

You can send me the export (no messages, just directory) and note a couple of the users that are missing greeitngs/voice names - could be a codec compatability issue if they've used something unusual on the Windows platform (normally this will be caught and converted on the fly) - but I can take a look - anything else will just be blind guessing.

Hi Jeff..

Thanks for your response. I just realized I am not running the newest version

of EXPORT on this server, and was surprised it asked me t reboot when I

installed the newest code from if you could have a

look, I would appreciate it. I'll have to get approval before I can reboot this

server from customer.

Here is the file for the export. A few names of the people affected are:

Brian Bell, Ruth Ryan, Donna Breternitz, and Scott Way.

Unity 7.0.2 is using g729a, Unity Connection G711.

I appreciate your feedback,

Sandra Cole


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Re: Cobras import to Unity connection - missing recorded names

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I doubt the problem is with export - if you want to FTP me the actual export MDB file and not just the log, ping me off list and I can look at the actual backup - but I'm assuming it worked fine since there's no indication in the log files that anything is amiss there - but we can extract the wavs and do a test import here to be sure.   Presumably nothing came up iin the import logs of interest?

Can you give me a location to FTP the file to you? Some users did get their

recorded names, others didnt, no errors in the Import other than alternate

extensions which were resolved by updating the alternate extensions restriction


Is the version of COBRAS OK? I have now installed the latest one, am wondering

if we should try to migrate them again with that?


Sandra Cole

Have a great day,

Sandra Cole


Thank you for thinking of the environment before printing this email.

Merci de penser à l’environnement avant d’imprimer ce courriel.

Can't post that on a public forum - ping me off line (lindborg at cisco dot com) and I can email it to you.