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Creating a Test UC enviroment in Google Cloud Platform - Help?

Brian Betourney
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Level 1

Trying to create a UC environment on Google Cloud Platform to train and test new configurations and UCCX scripts at home.  I've tried running VM's locally on my home PC using VMware Workstation 11, but it wont pass the hardware check for CUCM or UCCX OS. 

I want to run a simple/small cluster using 1 CUCM Pub vm, 1 Cuscm Sub vm,  and a UCCX vm.     Most of the Google Pre-made VM's are standard Windows and Unix platforms, although it appears that custom VM instances can be created using  customer uploaded Operating Systems (ie Cisco).

In theory the Google Cloud Virtual Machines can be created to be compliant with the OVA templates, the images uploaded to a virtual drive for installation, and again theoretically a small UC environment could be created.

This is all sounds good in theory.....but has anyone successfully created a UC server environment using the Google Cloud Platform? 

Thanks !

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Level 1

The only Cisco supported hypervisor is VMWare ESXi. Any other hypervisor will fail the hardware test.

Some people have been successful in installing Cisco UC apps on KVM by modifying an install script or two.

Pretty sure ESXi is free to install and use in a limited capacity which should be fine for your needs.

Thanks Kevin....

I assumed that the Google Cloud Servers already has an established Hypervisor on their physical environment hat allows them to charge customers on a per VM with the desired amount of allotted resources. Although I suppose they could allocate a set of resources to ESXi as a VM, and then the user is free to sub-allocate that assigned resource pool into more VM's.  If so I can upload ESXi 6 as an ISO, build that environment into a VM, then build out more CUCM/UCCX   VM's (embedded in the ESXi VM) from there.

Let me dig into the Google Clould Services and see if its possible...

Also - ANYONE else--- Do you have procedures for uploading ISOs into a Google Services Virtual directory services so they can be mounted as a virtual disk (Sort of like CICM). It can be done, but Google services doesn't make it a very intuitive task. 

Thanka !!

Any luck yet on your CUCM VM on google cloud?. If yes, can you please share more details how you did it :)

Anyone got an update on this?

Currently the only cloud option which is supported is VMC-AWS, no other hypervisor from cloud providers is supported.



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