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CUPC8 Voicemail connection to Exchange (No Unity)

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Hi all,

I've been working with CUPC8 (CUPS8) and am trying to get the client to connect to our Exchange 2010 integration without the use of Unity. We are licensed for Unity but I'd like to not have to use it. When I configure the connection in CUPS to the Client Access Server, when you start the CUPS client it says connecting with a green check but you don't actually get access to anything.

I'm wondering if this is simply because CUPC doesn't actually support direct Exchange connectivity (yet?) and or if I have to use a Unity Connector instead. If anyone can direct me to some instructions, blog post, or assistance that would ge great!

It would be a nice feature to have but if not possible, it is what it is.


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Tommer Catlin
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

So remember how CUPC client actually connects to Exchange... its through IMAP at the client and nothing more.   If you dont have IMAP enabled at Exchange 2010 (turned off by default) the CUPC client will not connect.  If you are trying to dial to Exchange, that would be a Route Pattern and SIP trunk from CUCM.  MWI is native in Exchange 2010, so it should pop the light on any Cisco phone or end point.