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How do I make CUPC Start Minimized at bootup?

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My company just had us install Personal Communicator 8.5.6 and set it to automatically start when signed in to windows.  This is working fine except it leaves the window open on the desktop.  How do I make it automatically minimize to tray (like skype and almost everything else) instead of opening up maximized? 

This is windows 7.  I tried modifying the shortcut in the start menu to start minimized but that didn't help anything.


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Level 1

Hi did you ever find a way of doing this?

I did find a way, but it's really not the right way; it seems the software lacks this feature (which seems pretty basic to me!).  I found a slightly newer version (8.6.3) and it still didn't have a way to do it.

The way I found was to put a visual basic script (file.vbs) in my startup folder that waits until personal communicator opens (checking every 1 second).  Once  it opens, it waits a minute then closes it (which sends it to tray).  That 60 seconds is to allow time between when CUPC first shows up and when it's done logging in etc (and  minimizable) - which can take that long on my computer with all my other startup stuff completing too.  The problem is the delay isn't consistant so this doesn't always work perfectly. This was my first time trying to do something like this and had never used vb so I was kinda just guessing at the code from examples, if someone knew vb they could probably write something more effective without using delays.

dim sh

set sh = createobject("")

Do Until sh.appactivate("Personal Communicator")

    wscript.sleep 1000


    wscript.sleep 60000

    sh.appactivate("Personal Communicator")

    sh.sendkeys "% c"

set sh = nothing

Thanks for that information not really a method I would like to use but so far the only way I have seen to do it.