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how to achieve high availability for IP telephony


Dear team,

As the IP Telephony became most critical as all companies are working from home we need to achieve high availability per sites.

we have two data centers but all collaboration services are located in one site and in case we have issue like power failure or internet down in this site all services like jabber ,CMS and call centers are down.

how to extend or distribute ip telephony servers to other site to maintain high availability ?

below setup is in one site:-

1 cucm pub + 2 sub

1 cuc. pub + 1 sub

1 imp + 1 sub

1 ccx + 1 sub

1 cms server for meeting + 1 for recording

1 cube with sip line + 1 backup cube with sip

1 expressway c and E single nic

we are using cucm ver 12.5


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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

You would need to review the clustering requirements for each product, determine if you meet the BW requirements, and the necessary processing power to deploy them. Each product provides information related to clustering which you would need to carefully review, that would be your starting point.


You might want to reach out to a reputable consultant or a Cisco Partner with UC specializations if you're not familiar with this, to make sure best practices are followed and the deployment works as expected and is supported by Cisco.



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Wilson Samuel
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Rising star
Since you mentioned you have 2 data centers. I will start towards provisioning splitting up the servers / devices between the two data centers in such a way that, even if one goes down another one is reachable.
To start on the process, I would begin with:

1. Check the UCS Hosts capacity i.e. do you have enough UCS hosts where you can host the VMs in the respective Data Centers

2. Does the Telco support SIP Trunks in both locations in such a way that, if one is unreachable, the calls will failover to the other site?

Hope this gives you a good heads up.

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Wilson Samuel
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