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How to Add an Intercom to an FXS Analog Phone

Brian Betourney
Level 1
Level 1

Recently cutover a NORSTAR PBX to UC 8.6.   Most of the phones are VoIP, except for a handful of Analog phones in a remote building.  The previous system supplied an Intercom System for all phones, so of course they want the same capability with the UC system.  I created a standard VoIP IC Part/CSS for the VoIP phones, no problem with that, but the analog users want to be able to dial into the intercom. Is there a way to configure a dial peer to connect a voice-port to the voip phones without creating  separate dial peer for each Analog to VoIP phone call?  

Appreciate any help

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Not completely sure what you're asking here, if you register the ports as SCCP or MGCP you rely on CUCM for all that, if you configure them as H.323, you should have a few DPs pointing to CUCM and then CUCM does the rest of the routing.



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I need an Intercom number for the analog phones that will reach the same Intercom numbers used for the VoIP phones.  


Can anyone else help with this?