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Is there a way to deploy SMS & MMS to Jabber Clients through IMP server

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Is there a way to deploy SMS & MMS to Jabber Clients, and IP Phones? Is there Text Capable DID numbers delivered by the service provider?


Most of my users will not use Jabber, because they tell me that its totally useless to them, because there is no text feature unless the other end is using Jabber. I do have to agree with them since none of these chat clients share directory's or use a DNS of sort, they are actually totally useless in the big picture of how people use mobile phones and texting to communicate.


I am looking for an affordable way to implement old fashion Texting, so that Jabber can have mobile voice, but True Mobile Texting capability to any mobile device instead of a propitiatory Chat Client.

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Dear vizvoxadmin,


Tango Networks can SMS enable your Jabber environment. You can view a quick demo here:


Feel free to reach out to us at to discuss further.