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moving Unity Connection 7.x in HA mode


Has anyone done this before?  We are planning to move our two Unity Connection servers that are in HA from one location to another and want minimal downtime.  These two servers are in HA mode and I was wondering if anyone knows of any issues to consider.  We were originally thinking of using a different subnet in the new location, but aren't sure if that's the best option.

We were thinking of moving one server first and the other one a day later so that users can still have access to Voicemail, Call Handlers, Out of Hours greetings, etc.

This is in a production environment also.

Anyone have any ideas?  Our UCM servers 7.x are also in another location.

Issues to consider: synchronization amongst the Unity servers or breaking anything else.


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Tommer Catlin

It may be faster to rebuild the server, rather than forklift it.

Here is the document.  Take special note about hostnames, etc.

I would probably pick the server up, then rebuild it on the other side.   For it to be a Subscriber, its like adding another node to CUCM.  Does not take more than a couple hours.  Whereas, if you change IP addresses and the databases get messed up, you could be on the phone with TAC for longer.

Let us know how it goes.. id be interested.  I have not moved an HA server like this.  Typically, if I have to move a Subscriber in CUCM, I rebuild it.  I tend to stay away from IP address changes. (if I can!)

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