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New To UM


I just joined a company with Cisco IP Phones and while I've been in IT for 20+ years, I've never supported a phone system before (I'm a data network person).  I have 3 basic questions that I thought would be quicker for me to get answered here rather than dig hours thru their not-to-clear-for-newbies documentation (which I do also, but just takes a while).

1.  Are there any free webinar videos that show how to use CM Admin or Unity?  Basic usage, etc.

2.  If I want to have voicemessages sent to our Exchange mailboxes, how do I do that?

3.  How do I change the default greeting?  I don't need to change the routing, but just the default greeting that external callers hear when they call in.

Our CCM version is:

Our Unity version is: 8.5.1ES47.12900-47

Thanks so much,

- Jen Meklenburg

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Some training videos here on Unity Connection:

1 Inbox feature is one way of getting VM's into Outlook , another method is just use an IMAP connection from Outlook to the Unity Connection server (make sure Unity Class of service allows this for the user)

You need to change the greeting of the call handler known as  'opening greeting' its under call management>system  call handler's. This is assuming your external callers are actually hitting this when they call in and not a custom one for your company. (port status monitor from the ciscounitytools website may help there). The greeting you need to change is probably the standard one but this will depend upon what your schedules are set up like.


I have to discect everything you wrote, but THANK YOU for your response!!!   

- Jen

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