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No T.37 fax support / Unity fax tools in Unity Connection?

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I'm moving from Unity 7 to Unity Connection 9.1

In unity we used the T.37 inbound fax / unity fax (ie Fax is sent from router running .tcl scripts as e-mail + tiff into central mailbox. Unity moved fax into specific mailbox based on DNIS matching "faxId" setting on unity mailbox).

It appears as though this is not supported in Unity Connection, is this correct?

I am think the workaround is to set the destination mailbox directly on the dailpeer on the router by specifying an individual target mailbox as the smtp destination (rather than sending all to a central mailbox for unity fax service to move). The only downside to this appears to be the admin for setting new fax, or moving the mailbox delivery destination now relies on changing the SMTP address specified in the router config, instead of changing the faxid with the Unity/Unity Connection GUI.

Is this how others have addressed this situation? (I have a limited number of inbound faxes only, no outgoing - so wont be looking at full-blown fax server).


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I know how T37 is, sometimes is really difficult to get support for this. On CUC is the integration is not supported by Cisco, but you can try this:


- You can use T37 to send messages to CUC subscriber

- To do it Subscriber@unityServer.Address, on CUC subscriber. If the gateway IP has been added as the fax server in Unity Connection, it should show up in the users web inbox as a fax message since it has the TIFF attach.

But I'm not sure if this works and Cisco does not support it.


Here's a link that might;