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PDL creator tool

Level 3
Level 3

my question refers specifically to the use of the tool, public distribution list creator - can that be used to add or create pdl's where the members are not on the local server but distributed amongst digitally networked servers? The help file states that members can only be added from the local server - is there any enhancements to this tool that will make it available for use across digitally networked servers?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I'm assuming you mean the public distribution list builder for Unity and not for Connection?

Currently you have to run it against the local installs on each server - the public DLs are replicated so this can be done. The stored procs for adding users to the dl, at least the last time I checked, didn't allow for passing in the objectID of a user not in the local suscribers table - I can look at a 7.0 system real quick to see if it's still the case or not but at the time there wasn't an easy work around for this. AD manages the DLs, not Unity, so you have to play by their rules when editing them and pushing the changes via the SQLSyncSvr as PDLBuilder does.

Jeff, so we create a pdl on one server ,add the users locally, it gets replicated to the other servers then we add local users from those other servers, is that correct?

Please don't look at 7.0 this customer is specifically 5., thanks for your reply,

best wishes, J

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