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Speed dial problem

Jernej Vodopivec

Hi, customer is having problems with updating speed dial numbers on the IP phones through self care portal.

End users have access to self care portal (on CUICM and on CUPC also). They edit Speed dial numbers through self care portal. Users are able to log in to the portal and edit speed dial number (add/edit/delete).

Now the problem: speed dials are saved on CUCM (changes are visible in CUCM portal) but changes are not propagated on the IP phones. All the changes are visible on the IP phones only after administrator logs in to the CUCM administration portal, opens device and clicks "Save" button.

Cisco TAC was troubleshooting this issue for four months and after four months some guy from BU said this is expected behavior – that it's designed this way.

I can't really believe that this is the expected behavior because:

- it's totally unusable that administrator has to login to admin portal and click save every time user changes speed dial entry

- user documentation doesn't mentioned anything about thi

I'm asking if anyone has more experience with updating speed dial entries through self care portal to make a comment on this issue.

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Jens Lentfoehr

Normally the speed dials show up within a few seconds after the User adds them. This is the expected behaviour. With CUCM before version 9 users had to apply the config depending on the changes they made. Since you talk about self care portal I think you're using a newer version, aren't you? Is it enough for the admin to apply config/restart/reset or does he really has to save it?

I would try to check whether the CUCM sends a message to the phone to reload it's config. Either this message is missing or the phone does not care about this. You should be able to find this information within the trace. If there is a message it might be a phone load problem. Sometimes there is also strange behaviour because of incorrect trust lists - just delete them on some phone for testing.


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