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Unity Connection Cluster

Hello I have a unity connection cluster of 2 servers on version 7.1.3 integrated with a cucm cluster on version 7.1.3 as well

i have 2 problems

1. i can't make the unity connection publisher the primary server

2. I can't configure VM ports on the unity connection subscriber, when i do so, the ports get registered on the unity connection publisher.

if i go to unity connection serviceability> tools > cluster management, 0 vm ports are configured for the subscriber

any thoughts ?

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David Hailey
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Item 1: I'd start out by doing this:

Reboot the first node / Publisher.  Verify it comes back online and is healthy.

Once that is complete, reboot the Subscriber.  Verify it comes back and is healthy.

Check cluster status via Unity Connection Serviceability.

See what the status is after that (this sounds like an early build).

Item 2:

You need to create separate port groups for the Publisher and Subscriber.  When you create ports, you have to ensure that you select the appropriate port group to add the ports to.  Likewise in CUCM, you need to create separate voicemail servers for the Pub and Sub in the VM Port Config wizard.  Each will have it's own name and Device Name prefix which is critical to be correct in CUC for ports to register with CUCM properly.


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