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Unity: import subscribers with a script

Yorick Petey
Level 4
Level 4

Hello community,

I am looking for an automatic solution to import new Unity subscribers using a script instead of the GUI of the tools (SA or CUBI).

I run Unity 7.0 with Exchange 2003. I use CUBI to import new subscribers from a CSV or from AD. Now I would like to find a way to automatically import them using a scheduled job. Apparently, the CUBI tool cannot be launched with parameters specifying a CSV to use at startup for instance. I made some searches on without success.

At this time, it seems that we can only import new subscribers from AD manually through the GUIs.

Thank you for your feedback.


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Bradford Magnani
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Yorick,

Bulk Import is going to be the only supported way to import in mass as you've discovered.


What a pity!

We have several customers who want to automate the CUCM+Unity administration (automatic creation of UDP, DN, end users, CUPC profiles, Unity accounts...). With AXL it is easy to do so in the CUCM DB. Now we are looking to import automatically the new subscribers, it is a requirement asked by more and more customers to decrease the MACD load on the operators.

I seen some tools which claim to do that with Unity and Unity Connection. Do you have any idea about which API or trick they use for Unity?

What I understand from your answer is that is even not in the roadmap, right?

Thanks for your help.


Unity Connection 8.0 and later supports a REST style HTTP interface for provisioning users and public lists - there's a link to the developer support site on the page:

for Unity there is no supported provisioning interface - although a number of sites have done their own using straight ODBC connections to the Unity SQL server - there's a few simple code examples in VB out on the site as well - but be aware this is not TAC or BU supported.

So far as I know a supported HTTP based provisioning protocol is not planned for Unity.