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Call handler setup

I have a question regarding the opening greeting call handler. How can i set the call handler to pause after the greeting has played before sending it to the Operator. I know i can reprompt the menu for the opening greeting, but i want to pause it for at least 5 seconds before sendig to the Operator que.

Cisco Employee

You'd have to append 5 seconds of silence onto the end of the greeting for the call handler - you can do this from the SA using the media master control (you can't do this over the phone - the silence will be trimmed off). You can snagging any one of the silence WAV files in the prompts directories (\commserver\localize\prompt\enu\g711\AvAddrSearch\AvAddrSearchENU60.WAV is 1 second of silence) and pasting it onto the end of the greeting in the Sa.

Ok. With that in mind i have anther question. When a call is being transferred to the operator, durign the transfer it states "Please Hold will your call is being transferred". I want to change this on a call handler basis. In other words, If a caller hits the opening greeting and doesn't enter to move to the next greeting after so many repeats it sends to the operator. I would like instead of "Please Hold while your call is being transferred" to say Please hold will call is being transferred to customer service" How can I do this for each call handler? For example sales should say Please hold will your call is being transferred to the Sales Department. How can i do this?

You can't change this on a per handler basis - that prompt is system wide I'm afriad.

What would you suggest then?

If it were me and I simply had to have that functionality as you describe it, I'd disable the system wide propt and send the calls through another call handler that is setup with a custom greeting to say what you want and has an after greeting action of Attempt Transfer For the original call handler destination.

You can see about disabling the "I'll transfer you now" prompt system wide in this post:

I'd be sure to use the alternate greeting for this "transfer message" handler such that you don't have to worry about schedules - you'll need one of these for each department, of course, just like you already have a handler that takes care of transfering to each department - this will have to sit in between.

If you have a lot of these the overhead will be prohibitive here - but if it's just a few of them this should work for what you want to do jsut fine.

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