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Upgrade from Unity 4.03 to Unity 7.x

Dear all ,

I know this is again a question to upgrade old unity server 4.03 to a new server Unity 7.x .

I read a lot of thing on how to migrate a Unity system but as you know there is always some particularity.

So my question is :

what this the best migration procedure when you have this environnement :

Old server

1 unity 4.03 on w2k 

New server

1 Unity 7.x on w2k3

Exchange environnement is 2003

My idea is to go to actived digital networking and after use GSM to migrate users into new server

Thanks a lot for your help

Best regards

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Re: Upgrade from Unity 4.03 to Unity 7.x

It depends on how much data you need to "migrate" vs. what you've already pre-built on the 7x server.  The best way to facilitate this is using COBRAS. However, COBRAS only supports Unity 4.0(5) and higher so you would need to upgrade the 4.0(3) server to 4.0(5) and then use COBRAS to export the data and import it onto the Unity 7x system.  You still have to build some things manually upfront but you can migrate all user settings, greetings, Call Handlers, routing rules, and etc.  If the boxes are in the same AD, you would also use GSM to "move" the subscribers from server to another and clean up references in AD to the old server.  Technically, the order of the operation would be:

Upgrade existing server

Export data from old system

Configure things that cannot be migrated using COBRAS

Run GSM to move subscribers between servers

Import data to new system

I guess the main question is if the 7x server is already configured and running or if it's simply a replacement for the 4x server and has Unity loaded (but not configured)?


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Re: Upgrade from Unity 4.03 to Unity 7.x

Dear Hailey ,

First thanks for your response.

Actually Unity 7 is not configured and not  running , you are right it is a replacement of our actual Unity server.


Re: Upgrade from Unity 4.03 to Unity 7.x

The fastest way to do this in your case would be COBRAS. Upgrade your 4.0(3) box to 4.0(5) and go from there. I can give you more details on the COBRAS process and there is a comprehensive help file as well. I have a tech presentation that will help you out a bit as well if you care to make use of it. You'll have to configure some things manually with COBRAS but it's not too extensive but you can migrate a ton of data intact. Within the same AD, you still use GSM but mainly to clean up references on existing AD objects that point to the old Unity server.

DiRT is too much work, here (my opinion). You have to restore to the exact same version of Unity with DiRT. So you'd have to upgrade to 4.0(5) on the existing server then upgrade to 7x on the new server. Then run DiRT backup and then run DiRT restore on the new server. The multiple "upgrades" are more in-place rebuilds than they are upgrades IMO so don't be deceived by that term. This would give you 2 servers running 7x and I'm sure you're replacing the existing server for a good reason otherwise you could have just done this to start with.



Re: Upgrade from Unity 4.03 to Unity 7.x

Ok thanks

I will go that way . first 4.05 then use of COBRAS

Thanks a lot for your help

Best regards


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