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UCS Manager 3.1 Tech Talks


The following are a series of videos covering new features in the UCS Manager 3.1 release. 

Introducing the UCS 3.1 new HTML-5 GUI

UCS 3.1 is the first release to feature a completely re-implemented GUI directly in the web browser.  The

new GUI features "zero learning curve", as all the navigation and flow are absolutely identical to the legacy Java GUI.

The legacy GUI still exists as well in 3.1, and will be phased out in a future relase

UCS 3.1 with B-Series, C-Series, and M-Series in new UCS

UCS 3.1 is the first "unified release", which supports B-series chassis, M-Series chassis, and C-series rack-mounted servers (with fexes) in the same UCS domain, with a single pair of UCS fabric interconnects.

UCS Manager Maintenance Policies and UCSM 3.1 "On Reboot"

While maintenance policies have been part of UCS since 1.4, UCS 3.1 adds the "On Reboot" option whereby a manual reboot of an OS will automatically acknowledge and apply pending UCS changes for that service profile.

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