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UCS Manager MIT Snapshot Tool


UCS Manager MIT Snapshot tool

In addition to scheduling Full-State and Config-All backups of a UCS Domain, it can also be considered a Best Practice to capture

snapshots of the UCS Manager MIT (Management Information Tree).  The MIT is a configuration database containing comprehensive system information on the hardware components, configured policies, and system state.  Having access to MIT data can become critical for inventory, integration and disaster recovery purposes.

The MIT contains state information outside of what you find in the traditional UCS Domain backups. Although you can browse the MIT in real time using the UCS Manager GUI, the MIT data would not typically be available for offline viewing.  The UCS Manager Snapshot tool was developed to allow an administrator the ability to capture MIT Snapshots, and to produce html reports of the captured MIT data.

The UCS Manager MIT Snapshot tool is built on Perl and includes a custom Perl module (UcsSimple-CommMgr).  The snapshot tool can be configured to connect to the UCS Manager XML API to query/collect the information contained in the MIT.  A second script can be run against a captured snapshot to produce an HTML formatted report of the MIT data.  The UcsSimple-CommMgr Perl module package also contains sample scripts to interact with the XML API (Authentication, DN query, Class query, etc..)

Use Cases:

The UCS Domain hardware inventory, and fault data contained in the MIT can be very helpful in a Disaster Recovery Scenario, in deciding where to restore UCS configuration, or backups of Operating Systems/Applications.  The UCS and Backup administrators can collaborate and review the MIT data to identify appropriate server resources to deploy an OS/Application backup images.  This collaboration can ensure that the target server has appropriate inventory (CPU/Memory/IO Adapter) and Network/SAN infrastrcuture to support the OS/Applications being restored.

A Powershell script for capturing MIT Snapshots is also attached (

The package is free and available for public use.

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