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Change the date format on a spa502g

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Level 1

I feel silly asking the question, but I cannot fathom it out.

Got the phone on GMT and en-gb, but cannot get dd/mm format. Only seems to be mm/dd.

Many thanks in advance



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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Phone menu -> Preferences -> Date Format.


You didn't mentioned the configuration method you tried to use nor firmware version. So I assume local configuration from phone's keyboard and latest firmware.


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I meant from the web interface.

I found it on the phone.

Also... bit confused as I have set an admin password. Thats fine for web.

But someone can default factory reset from the phone without having to put an admin password in.

If I put a user password in then if they want to redial or anything they have to enter this and again they have nearly all access.

Am I doing something wrong as that seems like way too much power to give a user to be able to reset to factory.




Factory reset feature can be disabled (Protect IVR FactoryReset). But note that if you will forgot admin password, you will not be able to recover the access to the unit.

Note that "power to reset" may not help user to gain something valuable (not counting the hardware itself, but it can be stolen even with reset disabled). So it's questionable that it should be considered issue.

But I'm not sure what risk you are trying to eliminate.

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Thanks Luke

We are lending some 502s to a client and do not want the client to be able to reconfigure to other settings etc

Similar to corporate use of, you can use the phone but you cannot change the phone.

Thanks in advance


1. You can order customized unit from Cisco. It mean that "factory default" of those phones is modified according your requirements. Also, some settings can be locked. For example you can have "reset to factory default" enabled, but default admin password set to something unknown to the user. So user is not able to enter admin level even after reset to factory default.

2. You can change admin password and disable reset to factory default.


Note that we deployed hundreds of phones in corporate segment. We have no customized units no reset to factory default disabled. Phone in factory default state is not able to connect to corporate PBX. It will configure itself back to the configuration approved by us via provisioning client embedded in the phone. So employee gain nothing by reset - just problem because it's phone is not working for short time, then revert back to approved settings. User is unable to connect phone with modified settings to corporate network. Nor he can connect other phone (even the same model) to corporate network - only devices known to us, with the configuration approved by us can connect.

Well, according rating it seems that my responses are not so helpful to you. May be I didn't understood the issue in full.


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