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cisco spa502G and spa525G ip phones hang




our company have cisco SPA502G AND SPA525G ip phones. now the problem is some time its get hang and freeze.

after that 2 or 3 times to restart to work. some time when dailing it shows service un available.

current firmware for SPA502G IS    7.4.9c .


Note: i need a stable firmware series for both these phones . its urgent because SPA525G is used in reception.

          when calling outside its can't connect.

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Dan Lukes

We have no problem with latest firmware (deployed on several hundreds of phones).

Issues can be caused either by particular configuration or by network attacks.

According network attacks:

Phone should be accessible by PBX only. It should not be accessible from public Internet. It is better not to be accessible even from company's internal computers. So configure your network infrastructure (including the firewall) accordingly.

There is no firmware that can survive network attack from either public Internet or from internal sources (including infected internal computers, curious local users and or technicians, ...)

According particular configuration:

Turn on debug&syslog messages and catch them. It may help you to analyze the issue.


Thanks for your support

we are using avaya ip office 500 v2 as server .use 13 cisco phone and run with SIP protocol.

also using 10 avaya phone. only problem happens in cisco phone.


can you give me a solution for this???


how to debug in cisco phone





See Debug and syslog Messages from SPA1x2 and SPA232D ATA (Analog Telephone Adapters)

It's for SPA1x2 device, but the slightly different GUI is the only difference.

You need to run packet catcher (like wireshark). You need to configure the address of computer running packet catcher into both Syslog Server and Debug Server. Finally, you need to set Debug Level to 3.

If you can catch SIP packets as well do it. It will help with the analysis.


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